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“The world is divided into two kinds of people; those who recognise that a perfect short story is the greatest literary achievement, and those we need to convert to this way of thinking!"

Nikki Bedi

Literature live in performance

First Wednesday of every month

at Centre for Stories, 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge. 

Lit Live is based on a simple premise: take great short stories by international and national writers and get some of Perth’s best-known and best-loved actors to perform them on stage.

A great short story will provoke, inspire, enlighten and move us, and who better to bring the drama of stories to life than professional actors?

Inspired by New York’s Selected Shorts performances, Lit Live is held at the Centre for Stories in Northbridge on the first Wednesday of every month.

It explores relevant themes, the works of guest authors, theatre and film collaborations, and introduces literature lovers to the short story form.

Lit Live is also available for literary festivals, book launches, library events and private parties. Call producer Sarah McNeill to discuss themes, stories and songs for your special event.



Producer and Presenter, Sarah McNeill

Sarah McNeill loves telling stories. She also loves listening to stories, but as a podcast fan, she realised that the only time she ever listened to her favourite podcasts was when she was busy doing something else. 

So, she decided to create the opportunity for other lovers of stories and of story-telling to sit together, relax and enjoy great literature – just for the pleasure of a shared experience.

Sarah understands that short stories are not a warm-up for the "real thing". They are jewels of concision, and she spends a lot of time finding the very best short stories from around the world to read aloud.

Wine and nibbles just add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Sarah is a professional actor working in theatre, film and TV, and is an arts writer and theatre reviewer for a local Perth newspaper. 

She invites actors to join her once a month to tell great short stories in an intimate setting.


Contact Us

Lit Live is always looking for story suggestions. Do you have a favourite short story or an author that you love? Email me now with your ideas!

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