• Lit Live: Sarah McNeill

April Event - Parenthood

The stories this month ranged from the deeply moving to hilariously ridiculous – because that is what parenting is all about!

Here’s a run-down of the stories read on April 3 by Andrew Hale, Monica Main and Sarah McNeill

Extract from Fatherhood, a new memoir by by William McInnes (Hachette)

Flat-Packed by Alison Davis from the new anthology, Story Fire, a collection of winning stories from the Stuart Hadow Prize, 2005 to 2018 (Fellowship of Australian Writers WA)

Mothership by Michelle Wright from the new collection, Best Summer Stories, edited by Aviva Tuffield (BlackInc publishing).

Gone, Baby, Gone by Mihaela Nicolescu from the joint collection of short stories with Nadine Brown, called The Whip Hand (Fremantle Press)

Better off Red: an extract from Rowan and Eris by Campbell Jeffrys.

Unbury Me by Ben Walter from Best Summer Stories (BlackInc)

Dad Joke Training Camp and Top 10 Dad jokes from Richard Glover’s story collection, Why Men Are Necessary (ABC Books).

Join us on May 1 for weird and wonderful stories around the theme, Strange Bedfellows.