• Lit Live: Sarah McNeill

Back in March 2020!

We ended this year's huge collection of stories with Hatch Match and Dispatch – stories about all the moments in our life that make us laugh, love and cry.

Stuart Halusz, actor and artistic director of Theatre 180, and actor Ali van Reeken (The Wolves) worked with me through all the emotions, good and bad associated with falling in love, getting married, having children, getting old, dying and even what happens after death!

Stuart began the evening with an extract from the novel, Afternoons with Harvey Beam, by local journalist and columnist Carrie Cox. It’s a favourite of mine for its rich, warm and vivid characters.

Ali read The Life in her Hands by Sydney writer Cassie Hamer and the opening chapter of the beautiful new novel, A Hundred Small Lessons by Brisbane author Ashley Hay.

Amazon Prime, just one of the many competing streaming services producing films and series for television, recently picked up a series of essays that have been running in the New York Times, called Modern Love.

Sarah read the very moving essay called You May Want to Date My Husband was part of the essay series, though not filmed – yet.

And just so you know there’s more to life than death... the three of us finished with The Ghosts in Your Vintage Clothes by columnist and humorist, Carla Ciccone.

Join us again next year for new performers and lots of new stories! We will be back at the Centre for Stories on the first Wednesday of every month, starting on March 4, 2020.